Product Managers - Data plays an important role in identifying new marketing trends

At Visible, we offer the "Managing Better and Making Better Decisions" that enable simpler identification of marketing trends through the discovery of data. This guide includes an in-depth and broader look at how to make better decisions using Visible's new Self Service Data Discovery Platform.

Major features include:

  • Query fast and often - using a guided search, quickly know "what to ask first" and "what to ask next" by running interactive, analytic queries
  • Drill down – using iterative search capabilities, drill down to the point in your analysis where you can easily make decisions.
  • Follow a guided search – using data rules derived from your business; you are provided a guided search process.
  • Derive insights – joining data across multiple data sources enables you to discover data beyond what is typically found inside of your organization.
  • Visualize and share – easily produce and share visualizations of your insights with members of your project team.

Curiosity encourages new exploration of unique ideas that may help to differentiate brands and create a comparative advantage. For an interesting perspective of why curiosity matters for achieving business goals, click the link below.

The Business Case For Curiosity 

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