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1. Visualize Patterns

2. Align Strategy

3. Transform Change



Systems Analyst, Data Analyst and Business Analyst. 


 Visualize Patterns  Align Strategy and Transform Change into meaningful business outcomes.

If data is the new oil then metadata must be the refinery. It helps us to know the difference in terminology such as "clients" and "customers," "revenue" and "sales," etc.  By leveraging metadata, you can create a "unified" view of your systems and applications. There are many ways to leverage your organization’s metadata. For instance, it could be as simple as reading a catalog of data defined inside of your CRM or ERP system or importing the same from an external data source. With a "unified" view,  your are able to visualize patterns and relationships across your applications and systems on premise or in the cloud or both.

Conceptualize Ideas, Systems, Processes, Data Flows. 

Gain access to insights, white papers, strategy briefings and short video clips covering various topics on Systems Analysis, Data Analysis and Business Analysis.

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Enterprise Architects, Business Strategist and Data Officers.

Visualize Patterns  Align Strategy  and Transform Change into meaningful business outcomes.

Whether you are in a small, medium or large organization, strategy is effective only when it delivers results. An enterprise architecture is a "blueprint" that shows alignment of strategy to people, processes, data and technology. As a "blueprint" it represents a map of all the relationships among business initiatives. It identifies the data required to support those initiatives, the business processes that use the data, and the information systems that store the data and run the processes. With such a "blueprint", you are able to examine the effects of change on your business. Whether it be a new regulation's impact on how you govern your data or a merger and acquisition impact on your information resources. Knowing the impact of change on your resources will allow your to align your strategy and deliver better results.


  • Supports a "unified" view across data, process, object and role models.
  • Supports Systems Analysis and Design Methodologies including Spiral, Iterative, Agile and SCRUM in addition to Waterfall.
  • Supports BPMN/BPEL, Entity Relationships, Data Flows, Use Cases, UML, Components, Refactoring, Re-Engineering
  • Schema Generation - Immediately generate code to databases including Oracle, Microsoft, IBM, SAP.
  • Supports Conceptual, Logical, Physical layers immediately connect to SQL/NoSQL data sources including MySQL, SQL Server, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Cassandra, Accumulo, Hive, Redis, Redshift

Align Strategy to Goals and Objectives - exceed KPI's.

Gain access to insights, white papers, strategy briefings and short video clips covering various topics on Enterprise Architecture, Business Architecture and Data Architecture.

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Product, Customer, Account and Operation Managers.

Visualize Patterns Align Strategy and  Transform Change  into meaningful business outcomes.

Digital business demands a new perspective toward the scope of the "enterprise“ from delivering IT services to businesses (inside-out) to addressing the needs of its customers (outside-in). This means enabling new business designs by looking beyond/outside the enterprise into the world of currently unknown (outside-out).“  Source: Gartner

When coupled with an intuitive, easy to understand search, the "blueprint" of your enterprise enables you to join the well prescribed data found inside your organization with discoverable data outside of the organization. By aggregating data across multiple data sources – you're able to gain insights not otherwise obtainable. For example, not only are you able to query sales for this month but you are also able to see how consumer preferences could impact sales in months ahead. Query near real time data, fast and often - aggregating data across products, customers, accounts and operations. Drill down and quickly visualize it. Now you are ready to transform change into meaningful business outcomes.

Expand the Scope of Your Data Discovery

Gain access to insights, white papers, strategy briefings and short video clips covering various topics on Production and Quality Management, Customer and Account Management or Product and Marketing.

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