How do I get started on a Component Diagram?

Component Diagram 3

Start by reading and understanding what is a component.


Shows the structure of a software system.

Component diagrams show the structure of the software system, which describes the software components, their interfaces, and their dependencies.

Component diagrams can contain components, classes, interfaces, and relationships:
  • What components are in the system?
  • What are the system interfaces?
  • Do your components have classifications?





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Component Diagram 1

Components are logical, design-time constructs.


Provides a particular function or group of related functions.

Although the specification does not strictly state it, components are larger design units that
represent things that will typically be implemented using replaceable modules. Components
are strictly logical, design-time constructs that can easily be re-used. By providing a high-level view of the system components, the component diagrams provide an easily understood
overview of the system to developers, analysts, and administrators of the system.


Hands-On Lessons 

Includes important topic areas immediately valuable to you. 

 There are several chapters in the tutorial. We also will send you a free community edition of our modeling tool software. Here's an example of relevant topics:

  • Overview of Component Diagrams
  • Definition of Component Diagrams
  • Developing your Component Diagrams
  • Registry of Motor Vehicles Scenario