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How to implement a strategy in 4 Steps.

 Strategy is a commodity, execution is an art.
— Peter Drucker

 "By bringing strategy, data, and processes into focus, you are able to better understand the context in which to make decisions."

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Strategy in a Box Step 1

Step 1: Define your Strategy

Define your Enterprise, Business, or Project Strategy in terms of Goals, Objectives, and Measurable Outcomes. See how to set these up using our Planning Statements and defining the linkages among the various statements.


Step 2: Conceptualize the Workflow and Data Model.

See what is needed to implement your strategy by visualizing the workflow process including business activities and data flowing across those activities throughout the workflow. You may also define the capabilities that are needed to support each business activity.

Strategy in a Box Step 2
Strategy in a Box Step 3

Step 3: Publish your  Workflow, Data, and Process Models.

Using the meta store of newly defined objects created in Step 2, update the systems and/or generate any new applications needed to implement the workflows that are needed to implement your strategy.

Step 4: are now ready to get insights into how your strategy is doing.

Our platform will now automatically map everything so to align your strategy to the underlying goals and objectives. As a self-service platform, you can easily point to any data source and get insights on how your strategy is doing by aggregating data across distributed and disparate data sources. Sporting a small footprint, you will be surprised to see how easily the platform fits into your existing enterprise architecture.

Strategy in a Box Step 4

Get Started with one of our Industry Templates

Use one of our Industry Templates to level set and connect your strategy to data and process models

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Retail Business

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Travel and Leisure

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Shutter Stock Manufacturing
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     Supply Chain                                   Manufacturing                         Financial Services