Financial Services Industry Template

This template provides a framework to understand the financial goals, policies, and objectives of the enterprise by way of assessing its financial position with respect to the industry it participates in. It provides a way for you to level-set the strategic direction for the enterprise, ie., mission, overall financial policies including tax strategy policies, operating plans, and targets.

The short video below describes the project web portal and walks you through an example of one of our industry templates. Take a look.


Benefits of using industry project templates:

  • Project transparency - readily share and discuss your project
  • Recompose business models and reuse them.
  • Standardize common vocabularies, ontologies, and glossaries.
  • Catalog data relevant to your project goals and within the proper context.
  • Reuse industry template definitions across your future projects.

Templates enable you to level-set your project strategy - saving you time and money and drive your strategy to execution (i.e., increase revenue, streamline operations, product launch). Within a few seconds, you are able to view your project.

Travel and Entertainment Template Functions


You get a 360° view of your project

Enterprise Strategy and Knowledge Management

The image below is from the Enterprise Architecture Center of Excellence (EACOE)


The template comes with a 360° view of people, data, processes, and technology necessary for you to execute your strategy. By combining these assets and resources, you are better able to gain a competitive advantage and gain insight into your strategy.

Insights are actionable in that they are linked directly to your project goals and objectives.

Examples of Insights may include:

- Days between Cancellation and Reversion

- Rank settlement by currency

- Least common reasons for payment by settlement

- Fees by settlement


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