Razor 6 Starter Pack

While sprinting to the finish line, be sure to build quality into every product and service offering.

The new Razor 6 has been renamed Razor for Agile Teams and ships with a new admin tool, advanced encryption, native Windows support, secure LDAP authentication, Git version control, and a relational database for ease of reporting. Run Razor right out of the box.

Razor is a lightweight solution - install all three applications, the Admin, Server, and Client (along with Git and MariaDB) directly on your desktop.  There is no need to set up a separate server and you can run Razor in either a traditional or agile development mode. Start with the default set of forms, workflows, and automated email notifications, and then customize whatever you need from there.

Check out this brief 5-minute demo.

HubSpot Video

Download and Install the following three Razor software applications by clicking on each icon.

razoradmin-icon Razor Admin Tool

razorserver-icon Razor Server Software

razorclient-icon Razor Client Software


If you haven't already done so, be sure to download and install Git and MariaDB. By clicking on each one of the two icons (just above) you will be able to download and install both applications.

When you plan to run Razor in a production environment, remember that you can run your production in a mixed-mode environment across both Windows (clients and servers) and Linux (clients and servers). You decide on the platform(s) that are best for you and let Razor do the rest.

Razor 6 Server Architecture Image
Razor Logo


Windows Server LogoRed-Hat-Logo



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Razor Quality Management Overview

Product Methodologies supported by Razor

Agile Methodology - A Close Up Look



Don't let your team run you in opposite directions.

Shutter Agile Non-Sprint Teams Image

With Razor, you are able to keep everyone on point and in sync. Razor is a welcomed shift away from disparate, disjointed development to true parallel, concurrent development with all the necessary controls to ensure quality outcomes. 

Razor Trilogy Image