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For starters, you don't want to sprint to your next baseline or release without ensuring your team is in alignment; checking the quality of each version at every step.

Simply put, this new edition of Razor is a Git-based version control system that lets you manage and keep track of your source code. If you have projects that use Git, then this edition of Razor is designed with you in mind. Razor is a full-service configuration management software solution so you can track issues, relate those issues to the underlying source code under version control, and baseline your product release from that point forward. It is fully customizable - you tell Razor what your configuration management process should look like and it will listen!



"Razor Agile is a comprehensive platform for managing DevOps. This includes release management and all other stages of the software development lifecycle for large and small teams. One of the biggest advantages of Razor Agile is its branching capabilities - facilitating the feature branch workflow functionality used by our team of developers."


Al Menendez, Space Coast Information Systems




Benefits of using Razor

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Release Management

Learn how you can streamline your software development process with Razor Agile. Click here to access your free report.


Razor Agile Installation and Configuration Guide for Administration Tool, click here.

Razor Agile Users Guide for Issues/Versions/Baselines, click here.

Teams using Agile or the Traditional Waterfall with this edition of Razor have a new admin tool, advanced encryption, native Windows support, secure LDAP authentication, Git version control, and a relational database for ease of reporting. Run Razor right out of the box.

Razor is a lightweight solution. To try out and test it, simply install all three applications, the Admin, Server, and Client (along with Git and MariaDB) directly on your desktop.  There is no need to set up a separate server. Run Razor in either a traditional "classic" or "agile" development mode. Quickly get started with the default set of forms, workflows, and automated email notifications, and then customize whatever you need from there forward.

Using Visual Studio Team Foundation Server? 

Check out Razor's integration with Guiffy SureMerge 7.0  See how to plug Guiffy SureMerge into Team Foundation Server.
Check out this brief 5-minute demo of Razor Agile.

Download and Install the following three Razor software applications by clicking on each icon.

razoradmin-icon Razor Admin Tool

razorserver-icon Razor Server Software

razorclient-icon Razor Client Software


If you haven't already done so, be sure to download and install Git and MariaDB. By clicking on each one of the two icons (just above) you will be able to download and install both applications.

When you plan to run Razor in a production environment, remember that you can run your production in a mixed-mode environment across both Windows (clients and servers) and Linux (clients and servers). You decide on the platform(s) that are best for you and let Razor do the rest.

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Razor Quality Management Overview

Product Methodologies supported by Razor

Agile Methodology - A Close Up Look



Don't let your team run you in opposite directions.

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With Razor, you are able to keep everyone on point and in sync. Razor is a welcomed shift away from disparate, disjointed development to true parallel, concurrent development with all the necessary controls to ensure a quality release of your software. 

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Razor Agile Background