Manufacturing Industry Template

Most manufacturers aspire to implement World Class Manufacturing (WCM) techniques - adopting methods for efficient management of their products. At the center of WCM are key enablers like product producibility and product traceability both up and down the manufacturing process. Take a look at how the Manufacturing Industry Template to see strategies that implement WCM techniques.

The short video below walks you through an example of one of our industry templates. Take a look.


Benefits of using industry project templates:

  • Project transparency - readily share and discuss your project
  • Recompose business models and reuse them.
  • Standardize common vocabularies, ontologies, and glossaries.
  • Catalog data relevant to your project goals and within the proper context.
  • Reuse industry template definitions across your future projects.

Templates enable you to level-set your project strategy - saving you time and money and drive your strategy to execution (i.e., increase revenue, streamline operations, product launch). Within a few seconds, you are able to view your project.


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You get a 360° view of your project

Enabling Enterprise Strategy and Knowledge Management

The image below is from the Enterprise Architecture Center of Excellence (EACOE)


The template comes with a 360° view of people, data, processes, and technology necessary for you to execute your strategy. By combining these assets and resources, you are better able to gain a competitive advantage and gain insight into your strategy.

Insights are actionable in that they are linked directly to your project goals and objectives.

Examples of Insights may include:

- Check production against customer request

- Conduct 1st article inspections and identify any defects

- Identify activities that are running behind

- Report efficiencies across all processes


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