Getting started on data and process modeling?

Hands-On Lessons 

Includes important topic areas immediately valuable to you. 

 There are nearly nineteen chapters in the tutorial. We also will send you a free community edition of our modeling tool software. Here are a few of the more popular topics:

  • Purpose of each Model, p.1
  • Diagramming/Dictionary Basics, p.63
  • Business Planning Techniques, p.45
  • Data Flow Diagrams, p.107
  • Structure Charts, p.127
  • Entity Relationship Diagrams, p.93
  • UML Models and Diagrams, p. 137
  • Business Process Modeling - BPMN, p.195
  • Data Dictionary/Business Glossary, p. 213

A brief video of Visible Analyst

Other supported diagram types include: Class Diagram, State Transition Diagram, Activity Diagram, Sequence Diagram, Collaboration Diagram, Business Process Diagram with BPMN, Custom