Increasingly, data is becoming a valuable asset for many, if not all organizations to manage and leverage.

How does Curiosity enrich data and help to improve effectiveness?

The Business Case for Curiosity can lead to a plethora of new ideas. Curiosity is proven to increase engagement and expand your network.

How then would someone go about implementing Curiosity?

Visible has designed a novel approach to Curiosity in providing its customers with context driven insights. 

Below are the main points of such an approach:

  • Iterative Design - Continuous analysis enabling you to iterate on your design and analysis - quickly creating data views based on planning statements, use cases or business processes.

  • Query fast and often - using a guided search, quickly know "what to ask first" and "what to ask next" by running interactive, analytic queries.

  • Drill down – using iterative search capabilities, drill down to the point in your analysis where you can easily make decisions.

  • Follow a guided search – using data rules derived from your business, you are provided a guided search process.

  • Derive insights – joining data across multiple data sources enables you to discover data beyond what is typically found inside of your organization.

  • Visualize and share – easily produce and share visualizations of your insights with members of your project team.