The world is changing and so have we. We have transformed one of the first feature-rich configuration management systems to suit the changing technology stacks and platforms. Razor 6 carries forward the traditional power of its new  architecture and features, such as being a single-point solution for process management, issue tracking, version control, and release management. Razor offers a powerful solution that will run simultaneously on Windows or Linux through an encrypted connection across your network, offering secure development for all of your users.

Razor has a global footprint, but was developed completely in the United States. It has proudly served some major software development projects, not just in the United States but around the world. Some of those brands include NASA, the US Navy, NOAA, Lockheed Martin, and Boeing. With its new version, Razor is ready to serve any development team or process.

A Solution for Everyone

Razor 6 is the next-generation tool that can address all the challenges facing a development team. It is a tool that has the capabilities to track features and bugs of an application, perform integrated code version management, control the change management process, and perform the release management as well. It is highly secure, process-oriented, follows distributed architecture, and is very affordable. It has become leaner, faster, better integrated, and smarter than its previous versions to adapt to the complexities of your software development efforts. Razor is a powerful tool that offers a lot of benefits.

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Razor's New Architecture

Razor 6 has added some major enhancements to integrate it fully with your development processes while keeping it easy to use and affordable.

  • Seamless experience on all major platforms: The Razor 6 is available for all major GUI operating systems, such as Windows and Linux. Users get no difference in their experience irrespective of their OS. This makes it easy to learn and easy to use for everyone. It allows developers to check-in and check-out artifacts in formats that are compliant to respective platforms without any specific changes.
  •  High extensibility with scripting: The Razor functionality is fully extensible through callable external system actions for which script routines can be developed in any language supported by the underlying operating system. Additionally, Razor ships with an extensive library of example scripts for this purpose.
  • Integration with GIT: The Razor 6 easily integrates with GIT repositories, allowing you to use an open-source SVM along with other features of Razor 6. Because of this, the adoption of Razor 6 requires minimal changes to the existing development process.
  • Integration with MariaDB: Your entire dataset and configuration is stored in the MariaDB database. It is based on the MySQL architecture and stores the baseline history of file versions as well as configurations such as user information, encryption profile, license details, and more.
  • Everything is encrypted: Enhancing the security to the next levels, all data is encrypted by Razor 6 before transmission or storage. The level of encryption ensures there are no data compromises for the users. Razor supports up to 256-bit encryption.

The term Razor comes from "Occam's Razor" which is commonly used by scientists to develop theoretical models. Occam’s Razor refers to the "shaving away" of unnecessary assumptions when distinguishing between two theories. Among its many uses, the Occam's Razor can be used to determine evolutionary change.