Insurance Industry Template

Self Insurance is the insurance of oneself or one's interests by maintaining a fund to cover possible losses rather than by purchasing an insurance policy. Although the Insurance Industry Template is focused on self-insurance, the same set of claim processes and data apply to general insurance - regardless of the type of damage, such as flood or fire.

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Benefits of using industry project templates:

  • Project transparency - readily share and discuss your project
  • Recompose business models and reuse them.
  • Standardize common vocabularies, ontologies, and glossaries.
  • Catalog data relevant to your project goals and within the proper context.
  • Reuse industry template definitions across your future projects.

Templates enable you to level-set your project strategy - saving you time and money - driving your strategy to execution (i.e., increase revenue, streamline operations, launch a new product). Within a few seconds of establishing an account (free), you are able to take advantage of the following

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You get a 360° view of your project

Enterprise Strategy and Knowledge Management

The image below is from the Enterprise Architecture Center of Excellence (EACOE)


The template comes with a 360° view of people, data, processes, and technology necessary for you to execute your strategy. By combining these, you are better able to gain a competitive advantage and get insights into your strategy.

These insights are actionable in that they are linked directly to your project goals and objectives.

Examples of insights may include:

- Calculate claim settlements across organization assets

- Track insurance and send notifications of any changes

- Identify customer contact data across organization assets

- Determine the type of coverage based on requirements


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