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The new Visible Developer now supports Visual Studio 2015-2022



Get ready today ...

Get the latest version of Visual Studio here. Next, get the newest version of Visible Developer here. Simply download and run the installation using a valid license key. Here are a few example screenshots of what you should see.



The Visual Studio start page should look like this and include an option for Visible Developer in the pull-down menu bar.





Release 4.5 Image 1



The Visible Developer Business Objects, Properties, and Rules should all appear as they usually did under previous versions of Visual Studio.





GeneratingRelease 4.5 Image 3

The code that gets generated along with any forms will be the same syntactically and semantically as your previously generated applications. Therefore, we expect running the applications will require no further changes and should behave in the same manner.



Visible Developer Prezi Image



The image to the left represents a quick way to get familiar with Visible Developer. Clicking through the slides provides insight on design-to-build Business Object related methods, properties, rules, and views.